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Relieving Chronic Pain Through Yoga

Our upcoming CPD (continuing professional development) course Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness for Chronic Pain by Raquel Chincetru will offer innovative and time-tested techniques for helping others to more effectively manage their chronic pain. Furthemore, we have the Yoga in Healthcare Conference in February, and this…

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yoga therapy and addiction

Yoga Therapy and Addiction

With our Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness for Addictions CPD (continuing professional development) set to take place at the end of February 2019, and the Yoga in Healthcare Conference discussing the benefit of offering yoga on prescription and in therapeutic NHS treatments, here we will consider…

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yoga, studies and science journalism

Understanding Stress, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our exceptional yoga therapists go forward in their careers via many different paths, and we are always keen to check in on their progress. One of our graduates, Shweta Panchal, is involved in a number of wellbeing organisations, in addition to conducting research, and practicing yoga…

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relationship between yoga and psychology

The Relationship Between Yoga and Psychology

The exciting intersection of yoga therapy and psychology, and the mounting research that suggests including yoga in a therapeutic setting could have wide-ranging benefits for clients, is an area of great interest for us at The Minded Institute.   Our upcoming course, Yoga Therapy Skills for…

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