Understanding Yoga Therapy

The Minded Institute is an international leader in yoga therapy and mind-body training. We wholeheartedly believe that yoga therapy and aligned disciplines can play a vital role in prevention, management, and treatments of various mental and physical long-term conditions.

To support this mission we provide expert education to help yoga and health professionals in the service of this goal and work to translate the benefits of yoga therapy to health services.

All of our courses incorporate a yogic therapeutic perspective, the psychological and physiological understanding of conditions and related yoga practices, up to date research, and guide for best practice - based on years of clinical experience. As the body-brain-mind connection is often crucial in unearthing the benefits of yoga therapy we also like to do a deep dive into neuroscience when appropriate!

We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Yoga Therapy Training: Professional Diplomas

  • There is a revolution in healthcare where mind-body practices are increasingly recognised for their ability to complement medical treatments, and in certain situations even used as an alternative.
  • Our 580 – 815hr Professional Diplomas in Yoga Therapy will prepare you to become part of this exciting and profound transformation.
  • Our courses are designed for: Yoga teachers, Therapists, Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals, Doctors and Nurses and Holistic Healers.

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