Sometimes, in the midst of suffering, unexpected and amazing things can happen. We know because it’s under these very circumstances that led to the formation of The Minded Institute.

We had help along the way from some amazing people, we learnt a great deal, and we owe a huge debt to the individuals whose knowledge and compassion helped to give us hope. It’s now time for us to repay this debt to you.

  • That’s why everyone at The Minded Institute shares one simple, unifying mission: to share, educate and help every person towards improving their own mental and physical health.
  • It’s likely that each one of us will experience challenges with our emotional health and physical health at some point in life. Some will be trivial, some serious, all will be unique; but within each of us lays an innate ability to promote our very own emotional healing.
  • By combining the ancient practices of mindfulness and yoga, with modern, evidence based scientific research, The Minded Institute is dedicated to revolutionising the perception and treatment of mental and physical health. Together, we can all be empowered to promote social wellbeing throughout the world.
  • In conjunction with our Yoga Therapy courses, The Minded Institute is also committed to research, innovation, education, growth and raising awareness of mind body healing.
  • These essential components enable us to understand the various benefits that our training programs have on the human condition, while ensuring that people from all walks of life have access to the transformative benefits of yoga therapy.
  • Our greatest hope is that through a combination of compassion, purpose and determination, we can continue to provide increasingly effective ways of helping those who are suffering from mental and physical health difficulties, while teaching others to do the same.
  • We invite you to join us in our work and in our vision.