How are we different?

Our pioneering approach to yoga therapy at The Minded Institute is truly innovative. In truth, our therapists offer much more than yoga therapy as their training includes psychotherapeutic skills, mindfulness and a highly academic level of medical knowledge.

As the training is incredibly thorough, and occurs over a long period of time, our graduates are not only well-trained but undertake the program with the understanding that it is a substantial amount of personal and academic work.  Many of trainees are already experts in their field and apply to our certificate program to bring a cutting edge approach to their work.  In short, they are pioneers with passionate and compassionate spirits.

When you meet with a Minded Therapist you will feel the sense of support, understanding and knowledge that comes from true deep practice and insight.  You will also feel the specialised approach that comes from well-honed intuition, the ability to really listen and to meet your unique and ever changing needs.

Some of the core areas that make Minded Yoga unique include:

  • The extensive experience, seniority and academic backgrounds of our teachers.
  • The content, structure and extent of our courses.
  • Our commitment and focus on psychological conditions is above and beyond what is offered on other yoga therapy training courses, in addition to in-depth training on a variety of chronic health conditions.
  • The in-depth knowledge our students acquire across a variety of disciplines.
  • Our focus on compassion, which is both an ethical and proficient approach for addressing a variety of psychological and mental health conditions.