The Minded Institute (TMI) began with the vision of provided expert training to yoga and health professionals in the fields of yoga therapy and mindfulness. Today the Minded Institute is comprised of two entities:

Minded Professional Training Ltd., an educational not-for-profit offering Professional Diplomas for those wanting to become Minded Yoga Therapists

Minded CPD Ltd., providing expert short training courses and continuous professional development (CPD) in therapeutic yoga

Throughout this website and the Professional Diploma in Yoga Therapy Prospectus we refer to the Minded Institute as an umbrella term for both organisations.

The Minded Institute (TMI) is a world-leader in providing yoga therapy education and training to yoga and health professionals to work with mental and physical health conditions. The Institute is known for working at the interface between yoga therapy, mindfulness, neurophysiology, psychotherapy principles, and evidence based practice. TMI is also actively involved in lobbying for the inclusion of yoga therapy and yoga in the NHS.


The Minded Institute is the only yoga therapy organisation in the world which offer options for 580 hour and 815 hour yoga therapy training diploma courses which are accredited by both the British Council for Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).


The Minded Institute/ Minded is an umbrella term for two independent entities:

Minded Professional Training Ltd. (company number 13910267) delivers internationally renowned diplomas in yoga therapy. This integrative and cutting edge training is available to health and yoga professionals, is s aligned to Higher Education levels of attainment in England and informed by advanced research. Graduates are experts in their field, qualified to practice as TMI Yoga Therapists, broadening the teach and impact of yoga therapy and ensuring that the benefits of this practice as accessible across society. This is an independent not-for-profit organisation with an aspiration to bring yoga therapy into healthcare and education in the UK and beyond.

Minded Professional Training Ltd.’s (MTP) status as a not-for-profit reflects Minded’s commitment to the health profession of yoga therapy and raising the bar of education associated with this emerging and exciting field. As an independent organisation, MTP Ltd. reinvests surplus income back into the business to support constant development and innovation in the field of yoga therapy. As a non-for-profit, MTP Ltd. is able to focus on social well-being and educational objectives, putting the students and the practice of yoga therapy first, by providing training and graduating experts that are able to disseminate their knowledge and support a broad range of individuals in improving their well-being through compassionate and evidence based methods.

Minded CPD Ltd. (company number 13894037) specialises in providing continuous professional development for yoga and health care professionals. Minded CPD offers:

  • CPD on therapeutic yoga for a host of different health conditions. This includes integrating therapeutic yoga in to health professional practice or using therapeutic yoga as a primary intervention
  • Live and in-person training
  • Workshops and lectures on yoga and mental health
  • On-demand short courses to ensure accessibility
  • Observations of leading yoga therapists, demonstrating their craft


(The Minded Clinic is a separate voluntary association offering yoga therapy sessions to the public, administered by volunteer Minded Yoga Therapists. Find out more here).

Founded by Heather Mason, The Minded Institute grew out of her own personal experiences with depression and anxiety. After years of practicing yoga and meditation – experiencing first hand the profound effect these ancient disciplines can have on self-healing – Heather decided to devote her time to the creation of programs that had a positive effect on the psychological and physiological challenges that are inherent in a variety of mental and physical health issues. Combined with the extensive academic study of Buddhism, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness, Heather effectively combined ancient mind-body practices with modern scientific insight. Find out more about the Minded Institute founder: Heather Mason here