Do Yoga: Life into Balance

Join us for a Yoga Flash Mob in London

17 September at 18:30 at Parliament Square, Westminster

 The Minded Institute is dedicated to bridging the worlds of healthcare and yoga. We run free events, help to arrange conferences and this September we are organizing and awesome flash mob in London so that everyone interested can get involved. The London YOGA FLASH MOB will be held in Parliament Square, Westminster on the 17th September at 18:30. This 20-minute session will raise awareness of the power of yoga, and to draw the attention of those in the medical establishment, and to raise awareness of the pivotal role yoga can play in the delivery of healthcare.

 No yoga mat needed, and we encourage and welcome all levels to join us. Bring yourself + bring your friends. If you aren’t able to join us in London, host your own flash mob where you are and link up with us on facebook to tell us about it, or post a video.

Make sure to visit our facebook page to know exactly where we are meeting:

New studies are emerging all the time showing scientific evidence of the effects yoga has on wellbeing. If you are a practitioner, you probably know this from your own experience. Wondering why scientific evidence is important when the experience speaks volumes of the power of yoga? These studies are creating bridges between what we know experientially, and what the medical model can use to begin justifying the use of yoga and mindfulness in the treatment of physical and mental health conditions. Practicing yoga in front of one of London’s most prominent hospitals will draw the attention of health practitioners and the general public as well. Our message – Do Yoga: Bring Life into Balance – can then be expounded upon through our neuroscientific understanding of yoga.

It is the mission of the Minded Institute to bring attention to the way yoga can be an effective treatment or complementary treatment for medical conditions. This very important work can transform the way we approach physical and mental illness. We hope you can join us to raise awareness for the benefit of all!



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