What is MindfulMarch?

LoveYourBrain is a nonprofit that believes yoga, mindfulness, and community are essential to transforming the wellbeing of people affected by brain injury. That’s why they pioneered their Yoga and Retreat programs – offered across North America – to empower the TBI community with new tools, resources, and connections. Because when we do, the TBI community can better access their resilience, embrace who they are now, and reach their full potential. During March, MindfulMarch is LoveYourBrain’s largest campaign of the year to raise awareness about brain injury and funding for the LoveYourBrain Yoga program. Our goals are to raise $175,000 to ensure we can keep LoveYourBrain Yoga FREE for our community, and get 1,000 people across the globe meditating all month long!

How can you Participate?

1) Sign up for the 2020 MindfulMarch Meditation Challenge!
For as little as $28 — that’s less than $1 per day — you can enroll in our 31 Day Meditation Challenge and we’ll send you a powerful meditation practice every day in March based on themes like resilience, positivity, and self-acceptance. You can help us reach out goal of 1,000 people meditating across the globe – every day – during March!

2) Raise awareness: Prior to March 1, share a photo on your platforms (also images below) – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any others. We’ve drafted a caption to make it super easy for you:

Suggested post:

Join me for @LoveYourBrain’s 31-day Meditation Challenge during #MindfulMarch! You’ll receive daily meditations by email and be inspired to find greater peace all month long. All proceeds support the LoveYourBrain Yoga program – that I teach in my community – for people with traumatic brain injury (including concussion) and their caregivers. I know firsthand the incredible impact, so I challenge you to join me – sign up at loveyourbrain.com! #LoveYourBrain #MeditationChallenge

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