So today is the UN’s first International Happiness Day and they’re encouraging governments to consider their populations’ happiness as well as more traditional concerns.

Yoga can be a wonderful way to lift your mood. Apart from the fact that your practice is a way of taking time for yourself, signifying to your every cell that you matter, certain poses and breaths can make us feel quite joyful.

For example, Brahmari Breath, also known as Humming Bee Breath, looks SO silly to practice, it’s almost impossible not to beam while doing it.

Experiment with it now – sitting comfortably, gently place your thumbs in your ears (already, it looks as if you’re making a silly face – what’s not to love?) then, lips slightly apart, begin the humming breath, feeling the buzz.

While traditionally practiced at quite a high pitch, you can play with it – low hum, high hum, everything in between…

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