With the news that the COVID-19 lockdown will continue to at least mid-May, and physical distancing potentially in place until the end of 2020, here at The Minded Institute we’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure you can access online yoga therapy training from your own home. 

Our online yoga therapy training courses and workshops give you the option of continuing to enhance your learning and practice while under lockdown restrictions. Whether it’s learning how to vary breath practices to help people with different health needs, the potential of yoga to rewire the anxious brain or trauma-sensitive yoga skills, you can access training courses which augment your skillset and enhance your career. 

Open to mental health practitioners, healthcare professionals, and yoga teachers and therapists, our online yoga therapy training ranges from continuing professional development courses to shorter workshops. If you are thinking about life after lockdown, you can also download our 500hr Yoga Therapy Training 2021 prospectus, to explore the potential of yoga for clinical populations and how you could be a part of this exciting area in yoga. 

It is likely that the restrictions in place to halt the spread of COVID-19 will continue in some form for a long time, so we hope that by offering some of our courses online that you can continue with your plans and goals without too much disruption.

We know these aren’t easy times for anyone, with financial, professional and emotional pressure weighing on many of us. This is why we also wanted to be part of providing people with accessible support and learning in this difficult time, collaborating with a variety of fantastic companies and individuals (who have been kind enough to donate their time) to form HealthFlix

Healthflix is a completely free online platform where leading health and wellbeing professionals (such as Dean Ornish, Sat Bir Khalsa, Ruby Wax, Maude Hirst, Stephen Porges and many more) have volunteered their time to host live talks on subjects from nutrition to breathwork. While the talks were streamed live, we have uploaded them all to YouTube so you can catch up anytime – click here to discover all of HealthFlix’s past talks.

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One thought on “Adapting to Lockdown: Online Yoga Therapy Training

  1. Hi Heather, I’m interested in training with you in particular the yoga for anxiety and yoga for mental health courses. Is the content in these sessions separate? I’m wondering which one to do. My day job (not yoga) is within mental health although I’m not an NHS trained professional but have taken a few Mh trainings over the years. I’m trying to understand which course would be the best for my experience and desire to support people at a deeper level. Many thanks Philippa

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