Its so good to see that Cancer Research UK has an entire section dedicated to Yoga on their website, under ‘Treatment / Complimentary / Alternative Therapies’

The UK’s leading Cancer Research Charity notes :”Studies suggest that it (yoga) might help people with cancer cope with symptoms and side effects.

In March 2010 a review of studies into yoga for patients with cancer was published. It included 10 trials.

It found that yoga could help to reduce anxiety, depression, tiredness (fatigue) and stress for some patients. And it improved the quality of sleep, mood and spiritual well being for some people.

The authors of the study said that overall yoga may be associated with some positive effects on psychological well being for people with cancer. Other studies have shown yoga can help reduce tiredness and depression in people with breast cancer. A small study of men with prostate cancer also noted an improvement in their quality of life and general well being when they practised yoga regularly.

Yoga can also have an impact on sleep. Some people reported that their sleep improved after following a regular yoga programme.

Other research suggests that yoga may help people with other health problems such as:

high blood pressure (hypertension)
lower back pain
joint problems, such as arthritis
irritable bowel syndrome
anxiety and depression”

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