Join us to train with the next wave of Minded Yoga Therapists!

There is a lot happening at the Minded Institute these days! We are about to have a new group of yoga therapist graduates!  They’ve worked very hard over the past 18 months, and it’s wonderful to see them all blossoming and preparing to take their skills into the world.  We know that these graduates, following in the footsteps of previous graduates, will come to have an impact on how mental and physical health issues are treated more holistically and compassionately.  We are very proud of their efforts and wish them well!

Just as we say farewell to the current group, we are preparing to welcome a new group of training yoga therapists. This all kicks off in September, and we invite you to be part of this next wave of Minded Yoga Therapists!  We only have a few spaces left, so if you feel this calling to you, please be in touch to take the steps to get on board with us.

The Minded Institute offers a unique 500-hour professional training for yoga teachers, healthcare works, and therapists, in mind-body therapies to work with clinical populations. We provide one of the most comprehensive trainings of this nature in the world, packed with cutting edge research, a deep understanding of the psycho-biology of stress, the relationship between physical and mental states, and how to employ yogic and mindfulness techniques that are tailored to meet the needs of a vast array of patient populations – from an evidence-based perspective.

 This course is right for you if:

  • You are a yoga teacher who feels you can offer your clients a more integrated approach to yoga for mental health issues.
  • You are a therapist who knows the power of mind-body practices and wants to know to bring them to your practice in an evidence-based way. 
  • You are interested in the emerging role of neuroscience, mind-body techniques and mental health.

There are limited spaces left, so get in touch soon to book your place!

With: Heather Mason, Minded Institute faculty + expert guest lecturers

When: September 2014 – March 2016

Where: London


Click here for details, including course dates and a full prospectus.

Want to learn more?  

We will hold a FREE taster day on 31st August in London, if there are still spaces available by then! This will include:

  • A morning practice for reducing anxiety, with clarity about the mechanisms around the practice
  • A lecture on yoga and neuroscience
  • Time to network and share with like-minded peers
  • Information about our training and how you can apply.
  • Question + Answer session

 Date:               31st August 2014

Time:              10am-5pm

Cost:               Free

Where:            Near Euston Station. You will receive address upon RSVPing.


Here’s what our graduates are saying:

“They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I did not know that I was destined to do more intensive training after my British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and my busy schedule as a British Airways Purser and Yoga teacher as well as a family to care for.  How was I going to fit it in?  If I had thought of all the reasons why I could not do this course, I would never have embarked on it.  So, thank God, I did not think about it too much and signed up with a strong sense that I would learn much about yoga and myself during the next 18 months.  I was not wrong.  Heather Mason and her team have done an incredible job providing a professional, informative, life-changing and practical course, which has given me the tools and confidence to take my teaching to the next level.  I always knew that yoga worked because of the transformative effects it has had on my life, but now I know WHY it has had these effects.  I cannot thank Heather enough for her dedication, hard work and vision in bringing this course to the world.  It was tough and I likened it to climbing a mountain but now I’m at the summit I feel I have gained all the knowledge I need to go out into the world and bring yoga therapy to those who need it”.  

Erin Lewis, Minded Yoga Therapist (2014)

“I feel very lucky to be working in this field, especially at this time, as there’s such a groundswell of interest in yoga and mindfulness for mental health. In my experience, clinicians are becoming more and more open to these approaches and for me it’s very exciting to be part of something so cutting edge.”

Veena Ugargol, Minded Yoga Therapist (2010) + Psychology & Neuroscience Researcher

“I feel really lucky to be able to deliver yoga therapy as part of my work within the NHS.  It’s such a joy to watch the young women I work with start to reconnect with, and explore their bodies. The movement aspect of yoga offers a ‘way in’ to mindfulness for them at a time in their lives when they are incredibly stressed, as well as offering a new, kinder way of relating to their bodies.  Within the field of Eating Disorders treatment there is growing interest in what yoga may have to offer, so it’s an exciting time!”

Dr. Sam Bottrill, Senior Clinical Psychologist with Eating Disorders Speciality + Minded Yoga Therapist (2010)

We hope you will join us on this journey to revolutionizing health care. And if the professional training isn’t right for you, please check out our innovative and unique short trainings on our website: It is an exciting time in health care delivery, as we see increasing acceptance of yoga as a path to healing. Join us. 

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