It’s been another successful year for Heather and her group of med students. Although they learn all about the body and know more than most of the population, their extreme schedules can make things stressful.

Also, although learning oodles about the benefits of pharmacological and surgical treatments, students seldom learn about the power of mind-body practice and its actual, evidence-based-clinical applications and known physiological mechanisms. So Heather has been running courses to help them understand more about mechanisms of yoga and mindfulness while allowing students to experience its beneficial effects on body and mind.

“I love teaching it,” says Heather. “I want it to continue to grow. This has been our second year at Boston University School of Medicine and I am pleased that other medical schools, like Creighton, are interested in our running similar programs for them. The class runs for 8 sessions. Each lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and while we begin with a lecture on a mind-body medicine practice, we move into physical yoga practice and finish with a group discussion. We also review aspects of their curriculum and discuss salient research articles.”

If you’re interested in bringing The Embodied Health Elective to a medical school near you, contact us today:


Above: Heather (centre) and her medical students celebrate

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