Join us on the 25th June in London!

The recent Yoga and Health: Research and Practice conference was attended by yoga teachers + therapists, mental health + medical workers, all committed to making yoga therapy a more common practice in the treatment of disease, injury and mental health issues. This community will be gathering once again on the 25th of June to develop action plans for bringing yoga to the NHS, including getting yoga into the NICE guidelines, and you’re invited! (See below for details.)

A recent epidemiological study  revealed that yoga is on the rise in the UK, which bodes well for bringing yoga to the masses, both for the general population, and those with health issues. Moreover, yoga research has increased significantly, providing a wealth of information for the medical community to work with. As evidenced at the conference, yoga researchers from around the world are dedicating their time to discovering the implications of yoga and meditation on health and wellbeing. They are providing a body of evidence to prove what has been recognized experientially for centuries. And as for bringing yoga to the medical world on a large scale, Dr. Dean Ornish’s program (USA) for reversing heart disease, which includes yoga and meditation, is now covered by Medicare! On a smaller scale with lots of potential for growth, there are individuals in the UK who have brought yoga and mindfulness programs to various NHS trusts with great success. From these examples, we hope to transform the way yoga partners with medical care in the UK moving forward.

On the 25th of June we will join together to continue the conversation about bringing yoga into health care and the NHS. The day will include a panel discussion with practitioners who have brought yoga and related programs to the NHS, as well as presentations by the top yoga researchers in the UK. Additionally, participants will work in groups according to subject interest (e.g. heart disease, anxiety, etc.) to develop action plans to bring yoga to the NHS.

When: 25th June, 10am – 5pm
Where: Diorama Arts Centre, N. London
Cost: 17 pounds* (*This is a non-profit event. Fee covers room hire and transportation costs for presenting researchers.)
Please note: Pre-registration and payment required.

If the meeting on the 25th is not your thing, join us for another of our educational offerings this year! We have an abundance of opportunities throughout the year to become involved in this revolution in yoga and in health care:

Yoga Therapy + Mindfulness for Addictions 4-day Course: 12th – 15th June 2014

Yoga is a remarkable practice. It builds self-awareness, strength, clarity of mind and resilience and many of its practices can be used as coping mechanisms to overcome personal difficulties.   By clearly understanding how yoga promotes confidence, resilience, and physiological changes, it can be tailored to support people who are addicted to substances and help prevent relapse. Combining specialized yoga practice with mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT – a common psychological approach in addictions treatment) techniques, offers a method of healing that supports the whole person. This approach includes physiology, psychology, and behavior, thus enhancing the likelihood of preventing relapse and overcoming addictions.

In this training you will learn how to use integrative yogic-based approaches to addictions that will allow you to work with clients privately, in clinics and in group-settings.

Geared towards yoga teachers and professional addiction workers, this training will give you the skills to work from a complete mind-body perspective.

With: Shaura Hall and Heather Mason
When: 12th – 15th June, 9am – 6pm daily
Where: Diorama Arts Centre, N. London
Click here for more information.

Please note: Due to popular demand, Shaura will be offering this training in the North of England in September. Details forthcoming. Email Shaura if you are interested.

Minded Yoga Therapy Professional Training taster day in late June

Date + venue will be announced shortly.
Register your interest now:

Read a recent blog post to learn about the taster day format!

 Minded Yoga Therapy Professional Training: from September 2014

The Minded Institute offers a unique 500-hour professional training for yoga teachers, healthcare works, and therapists, in mind-body therapies to work with clinical populations. We provide one of the most comprehensive trainings of this nature in the world, packed with cutting edge research, a deep understanding of the psycho-biology of stress, the relationship between physical and mental states, and how to employ yogic and mindfulness techniques that are tailored to meet the needs of a vast array of patient populations – from an evidence-based perspective.

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to offer your clients a more integrated approach to yoga for mental health issues, a therapist who knows the power of mind-body practices and wants to bring them to your practice in an evidence-based way or are interested in the emerging role of neuroscience, mind-body techniques and mental health, our training may be exactly what you are looking for.

There is limited space left, so get in touch soon to book your place!

With: Heather Mason, Minded Institute faculty + expert guest lecturers
When: September 2014 – March 2016
Where: London

Click here for details, including course dates and a full prospectus.

Yoga Therapy + Mindfulness for Anxiety Disorders: 29th October – 2nd November 2014

Details forthcoming

Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders: 27th – 30th November 2014

There is a growing interest in, and mounting evidence for, the use of yoga and other mindfulness based approaches in recovery from Eating Disorders. Many US residential programs now feature yoga classes as a part of their therapy program and this is gradually beginning to catch on in the UK too. Geared towards yoga teachers and mental health professionals, this training will enable you to use yoga therapeutically with people recovering from Eating Disorders.

With: Dr. Sam Bottrill + Piriamvada
When: 27th – 30th November 2014
Where: Diorama Arts Centre, N London

Click here for more information.



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