“Yoga really helped me cope and find strength”


This week, meet the lovely Mieke:

“I am Mieke. I have practiced yoga since the early ’90s. I have worked in stressful managerial roles in the Telecoms/ IT industry in the past and, for several years, at the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“I am happily married and my husband and I were hoping to start a family. However, after experiencing several miscarriages we realised and accepted that this was not going to happen. Yoga really helped me to recover from the trauma of the miscarriages. It also helped in accepting the fact that we were not going to have children of our own.

“It helped me find the strength to cope and I realised that whatever would happen to me, there is always this one place in me that can help heal the rest. I really feel that I need to share this with people around me. It makes me feel good to empower others and show them they have the power within them too.

“After my initial teacher training, I felt I wanted to learn more and focus more on the healing so I started to look for the right training. I found the Minded Institute’s course to be the exact kind of course I was looking for and am very happy I got the chance to do it. Now I am a qualified Yoga Therapist and don’t look back.

“Since the beginning of this year, I have been teaching the 8 Week Yoga Therapy for the Mind Course. It has been very rewarding work. At the moment I am teaching the 8 Week Course in Notting Hill, where I live as well as in South Kensington. And I have been contacted by a Yoga Teacher in Brighton and if there are enough participants will be teaching it there.”

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