Heather Mason, The Minded Institute’s founder and director, recently presented at the British Psychological Society’s Holistic Faculty 2013 Annual Conference “Advances in Psychological Therapy: Body Activation and the Brain” about “Yoga and the Brain – a body based approach to therapeutic work.”

Heather and Dr Lucy Clarke (a Minded Yoga graduate, clinical psychologist and co-founder of Mindful Yoga Therapies) presented a day’s workshop on:

* the significant physiological component of many mental health issues (which may not be effectively treated solely by the prescription of top down therapies)
* the need for an integrative approach (including the body) for the neuropathology of certain mental conditions
* ways to capitalize on the brain’s potential for neuroplasticity
* the impact of yoga therapy on the nervous system (plus graded, gentle body awareness)
* the mindfulness aspect of yoga therapy being a form of top down regulation.

They also explored some of the neuropathology that can hinder talking therapy, highlighting the importance of body based and integrative approaches in treatment and investigated some of the proposed and known neurological effects of yoga.


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