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Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Professional Training?

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Are you a yoga teacher who feels you can offer your clients a more integrated approach to yoga for mental health issues?

Are you a therapist who knows the power of mind-body practices and wants to know to bring them to your practice in an evidence based way?

Are you interested in the emerging role of neuroscience, mind-body techniques and mental health?

The Minded Institute’s Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Professional Training may be exactly the thing you’re looking for! On 13th April the Minded Institute is offering a taster day so you can get a feel for what the training will offer you, and meet many of the staff. Led by founder and head of faculty, Heather Mason, the day will be experiential, informative and fun.

In short, the taster day will include:

  • A morning practice for reducing anxiety, with clarity about the mechanisms around the practice
  • A lecture on yoga and neuroscience
  • Time to network and share with like-minded peers
  • Information about our training and how you can apply.
  • Question + Answer session

Date:            13th April 2014
Time:              10am-5pm
Cost:                Free
Where:          Near Euston Station. You will receive the address upon RSVPing.
Please note that space is limited so please only come along if you are genuinely interested in training with us.  We are unable to accommodate drop-ins on the day.

 To learn about the course, click here

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A Career in Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is one of the most exciting mind-body fields today. Yoga is increasingly reputed as a complementary and alternative therapy for many health problems.  The NHS recommends yoga for mental and physical health, citing a number of its benefits on its website, and 6% of doctors in the USA are recommending yoga to their patients to improve health and wellbeing.

There is a growing body of research to support experiential findings about the multitude of health benefits of yoga practise, particularly its capacity to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. For example, a 2008 survey indicated that stress is the number one reason people practiced yoga therapeutically. Most of this research evidences the benefit of yoga for mental health conditions, therefore yoga therapists with a specialization in mental health are in higher demand than ever.  With this increasing demand, there is an opportunity to be an innovator and pioneer in the field.  Join us and join the revolution!

Minded Yoga Therapists are: 

  • Empowered by scientific knowledge around yoga and its effects of mental and physical health, through understanding the clinical and evidence base for how and why these practices work.
  • Trained to work compassionately and intuitively with clients, using a person-centered approach
  • Offering sound, safe and bespoke practices to clients who present with physical and mental health issues.
  • Teaching classes + courses to groups of people dealing with stress, anxiety and depression – a growing population.
  • Engaging with yoga therapy in a variety of ways, from liaising with medical professionals and the NHS to develop more holistic models for addressing mental health issues to starting their own yoga therapy practice.
  • Integrating therapeutic yoga practices into their existing work with clinical populations in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, CBT and other modalities of therapy.
  • Developing the potential for healing in their personal practice.
  • Pioneers in the field of yoga therapy, offering innovative practices and developing new ways of working with clients to aid in the healing process.

Read about what our graduates have been up to since becoming Minded Yoga Therapists

 VeenaVeena Ugargol is Yoga Therapist for Mental Health, Yoga Teacher + has academic experience in Psychology + Neuroscience. She delivers the Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 week course for stress, anxiety and depression at the School of Life and triyoga, and works privately with clients on a one-to-one basis. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness within the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust in the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit, where she is also an assistant therapist, Snowsfields Adolescent Unit and Lambeth Triage. She says:

“As a yoga therapist for mental health, I use yoga and mindfulness practises to help people manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I’m really pleased with the response to the work that I do within the NHS. . .It’s not unusual for people approaching discharge to ask me for tools and support to enable them to continue their practise; to know that they’ve found something that helps them self manage, well that makes me very happy indeed.

I feel very lucky to be working in this field, especially at this time, as there’s such a groundswell of interest in yoga and mindfulness for mental health. As a researcher I’m enthused to see so much investment in good quality research in yoga and mindfulness, though yoga’s quite a bit behind mindfulness, but it’s catching up. In my experience, clinicians are becoming more and more open to these approaches and for me it’s very exciting to be part of something so cutting edge, and whilst I look forward to its continued growth I’m very much enjoying the journey.” 

Sam BottrillDr Sam Bottrill is a qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance accredited), Yoga Therapist for Mental Health and Senior Clinical Psychologist specializing in Eating Disorders.  She lectures and supervises on the Minded Institute professional training and runs Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8-week courses in North and Central London.

Sam trained as a clinical psychologist at University College London in 2005 and now works at the world-renowned Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service at the Maudsley Hospital.  Inspired by her own experience of the benefits of yoga to mental wellbeing and a growing awareness of the inextricable link between mind and body, she completed her initial teacher training with Yogi Vishvektu at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh (India) at the beginning of 2010.  She went on to train with Heather Mason in order to specialize in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and now teaches Minded Institute inspired yoga and mindfulness to teenagers with Eating Disorders within the NHS.  Her specialist academic interest is the role of yoga and mindfulness practices within the treatment of Eating Disorders.  She says:

“I feel really lucky to be able to deliver yoga therapy as part of my work within the NHS.  It’s such a joy to watch the young women I work with start to reconnect with, and explore their bodies. The movement aspect of yoga offers a ‘way in’ to mindfulness for them at a time in their lives when they are incredibly stressed, as well as offering a new, kinder way of relating to their bodies.  Within the field of Eating Disorders treatment there is growing interest in what yoga may have to offer, so it’s an exciting time!”

Kay_Locke-yoga_teacherKay Locke is a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health and Special Needs, based in Manchester.  In addition to completing the Minded Yoga Therapy Professional Training with the Minded Institute, Kat has a PGC in Autism from Sheffield Hallam University, along with numerous other postgraduate trainings to support her interest in working with individuals impacted by disability.  She teaches yoga and mindfulness sessions at Wythenshawe Hospital Mental Health Unit in Manchester, covering four wards a week, including the Intensive Care Unit.  She also offers small group and individual therapy sessions, including the Minded Yoga 8-week course.  Kay also provides services for the Stockport Local Authority and local charities, including weekly mindfulness and movement sessions for children and families impacted by ASC and adults with special needs, and leads relaxation and mindfulness classes for carers.  Kay says:

“Working as a yoga therapist supporting a wide range of people to relive symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression is very rewarding. Many clients repeatedly explain that taking part in the 8-week Minded Yoga course far exceeds their expectations, and the positive outcomes are life-changing – even their friends and family have witnessed positive change!  Many clients recognize their new found skills and quickly develop a commitment to continue their yoga and mindfulness practices.”

elizabeth-bourdonElizabeth Bourdon is a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health and a Yoga Teacher.  Based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire, Elizabeth teaches the Yoga for the Mind 8 week course independently, as well as seeing clients privately on a one-to one basis using the Yoga Therapy for the Mind model.

“For me, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is when a client comes back after a session and says, ‘I practised that breathing thing you taught me last week when I got stressed, and it really worked!’ That’s priceless. How such a simple technique can have a huge impact on someone’s life never fails to put a smile on my a face, and makes me feel very grateful that I am in this line of work.

Last year I began volunteering at my local Mind, teaching a weekly yoga & mindfulness class. Working with Mind has enabled me to gain valuable experience working with a wonderfully diverse group of people. It has also afforded me the opportunity to be in direct contact with other Mental Health professionals and it has opened up many doors for me. Having worked there for a while now I am very excited that Yoga is now being offered as an intervention along with other activities such as Eco-Therapy and Art Therapy. This is excellent news and it now enables me to offer a more robust 6-week course where I can integrate aspects of the Yoga Therapy for the Mind model.

Through working with Mind, I was invited to be a regular panelist on a local radio show last year called ‘Mind Your Head’. The show focused on Wellbeing and Mental Health, aiming to raise awareness, reduce stigma and help people find support. This was not only great fun, but also gave me the opportunity to talk about my passion… Yoga and Mindfulness.”

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