I can’t attend all TMI trainings but Lisa Sanfilippo’s upcoming Yoga for Insomnia training is one I couldn’t resist signing up for. Along with The Minded Institute founder Heather Mason and sleep researcher and yoga clinician Philip Stevens, Lisa (pictured above) will be offering five fantabulous days around the neuroscience of sleep as well as practical ways drawn from yoga and other healing traditions, to help us work with our clients and students.

“You’ll learn how sleeplessness is actually a wake-up call to change something in your life that isn’t working, or to care for yourself more deeply,” says Lisa. “By the end of the training, I’d like for you to know more about how sleep works, and have a box of tools ready at your disposal to help and your students to relax, release your day, and where needed, re-energise without doing things that tax your adrenals or spike your nervous system.

“After five days, you’ll have a new philosophy of sleep – one that is informed by a soulful yogic approach. You’ll know tons about how sleep works, how your body and mind work to prevent or help you sleep, and how to use postures, meditation, breath work and other great tips from acupressure to aromatherapy to create the right environment for better sleep and, ultimately a better waking life.”

There are a few spaces left so if you’d like to join us next month, read on and book your place today

      The Minded Institute and Lisa Sanfilippo present:


    Yoga Therapy for Insomnia – A 5-day Teacher Training Course

Insomnia, sleeplessness, and interrupted sleep have reached epidemic levels. According to the recent Great British Sleep Survey, more than half the population suffer from some level of insomnia while over 40 million Americans suffer from severe and chronic insomnia. Whether sleep issues result from stress or depression, caring for a new baby, or physiological changes, most people have trouble sleeping at some point in their lives. Reduced sleep quality and quantity is highly stressful and can impair daily functioning. Mounting evidence confirms that yoga and complementary techniques support better sleep as it is highly effective in training the mind and body to relax – without the side-effects that accompany common pharmaceutical interventions.

Join us for this grounding breaking workshop taught by Lisa Sanfilippo, Heather Mason, the founder of The Minded Institute, as well as special guest lecturer Philip Stevens.

You will learn:
1) All about sleep:
. How sleep works: how much we need, how the body systems work, and how sleep needs differ over time – for different people
. What happens in the brain during sleep
. The long-term physiological effects of poor sleep
2) All about insomnia and how to address:
. The reasons why people don’t sleep
. Situational vs. chronic insomnia and how to approach these issues appropriately
. Ways to support yourself and others to feel relaxed, rested, and positive about sleep
3) In depth yogic techniques that can help improve rest and relaxation including; asana, pranayama, meditation, and marma.
. The optimal sequencing of asanas that align with the body’s circadian rhythms and address reasons for sleeplessness or poor
4) Better Sleep “Stewardship” – Other habits that complement a yogic approach to better rest:
. Daytime energy management and principles of creating wakefulness in a sustainable way
. Complementary practices and therapies to support better rest including nutritional and herbal support for sleep, rest and energy.

At the end of the training you will be fully prepared to:
• Incorporate information about better sleep and rest into group classes
• Offer one to one sessions focused on the issues of sleeplessness
• Teach Lisa’s renowned a 6 week yoga therapy course for insomnia

COST: £355
LOCATION: Diorama Arts Studios, London (Near Euston Station)
TIME: 10am-5pm daily

Email to book your place.

Hope to see you there!

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