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Now with an extra 50 hours-so it’s really 550!

There is a revolution in healthcare where mind-body practices are increasingly recognised for their ability to compliment medical treatments, and it certain situations even used as an alternative.  Our 500-hour yoga teacher-training course will prepare you to become part of this exciting and profound transformation. Our training course is accredited by the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT) and we are currently completing accreditation with the British Council for Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and Yoga Alliance US.

Our courses are designed for:

  • Yoga teachers: Looking to bring therapeutic yoga and mindfulness to clinical populations
  • Therapists, psychologists or mental health professionals: Looking to integrate mind-body practices into their work
  • Doctors and nurses who realise that mind-body practices would be a complementary addition to their work.
  • Holistic Healers

An extraordinary opportunity to deepen my knowledge

For me the Minded Institute’s 500hrs professional training has been an extraordinary opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of how yogic practices can be tailored for therapeutic use.… Read more “An extraordinary opportunity to deepen my knowledge”

Laura Wilson

A truly inspirational course!

A truly inspirational course! A journey of learning, growth and empowerment with leading experts who are passionate about their work and the benefits of yoga to support wellbeing. Through… Read more “A truly inspirational course!”

Louisa Caine


  • Why train with Minded?
  • Our Faculty & Yoga Teachers
  • The 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Structure
  • What Is Each Module Like?
  • Conditions that you learn to work with
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