An extraordinary opportunity to deepen my knowledge

For me the Minded Institute’s 500hrs professional training has been an extraordinary opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of how yogic practices can be tailored for therapeutic use. The course offers a comprehensive and insightful way in: combining ancient eastern wisdom with cutting edge science. As a nearly newly qualified yoga therapist I now have great confidence in working with very many physical and mental health conditions both in a one to one and group setting.  I also feel I have a new vocabulary in which to communicate the value of this work within both the caring and medical sectors.  It has been a challenging but deeply rewarding journey of self discovery and intellectual and spiritual learning for which I am eternally grateful.

As the founder and director of Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach (a not for profit social enterprise specializing in taking yogic practices to unreached populations and vulnerable people) this course has been invaluable in helping to ensure we are meeting the needs of the people we serve.  We run 8-week Minded Addiction Recovery classes for people in recovery for substance misuse and addictions in four services across Edinburgh. Classes for people living with long term health conditions, trauma sensitive classes for woman, various classes for in-patients in mental health provisions around Scotland, stress reduction classes and workshops for staff working within NHS hospitals and also offer training to yoga teachers interested in outreach work.  Once fully qualified as a yoga therapist I also plan to offer one to one yoga therapy sessions and to run the 8 week minded yoga course for anxiety and depression.  We are currently working to develop a kids and family division and are hoping to offer yoga and mindfulness in schools.

Laura Wilson

500 hour Professional Certificate in Yoga Therapy

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