Nicole Schnackenberg

Nicole Schnackenberg is a psychotherapist, a 200-hour yoga teacher and a trainee child psychologist at the Tavistock. She currently divides her time between her doctoral studies, her position as a trustee of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation and her facilitation of the Eat Breath Thrive yoga programme for food and body image issues.

In addition to her contribution to writing projects at The Minded Institute, she also works with Special Yoga Foundation in London. Nicole has authored a book on transpersonal modes of healing, including yoga, for food and body image struggles entitled False Bodies, True Selves: Moving Beyond Appearance-Focused Identity Struggles and Returning to the True Self and co-edited a book on Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Reflections on Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Stories of Courage, Determination and Hope. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with people struggling with their mental and emotional health, having found yoga to be hugely transformative in her own emergence beyond years of anorexia.