Judy Grill

Yoga became a valued part of Judy’s life when the stress of a job in industry in her early twenties gave her anxiety and backache. Judy had no idea how unhappy she had become until a friend suggested doing yoga and recommended a great teacher. That was the beginning of coming back to life! It led to training to teach with The British Wheel of Yoga over 30 years ago, and re-training 2011 – 12.  After a long and happy career in education, Judy studied to become a Yoga Therapist in 2014 -16.  Her intention was to help others more effectively, but soon found that her course was helping her profoundly.

Yoga keeps Judy grounded, yet lifts her to peaceful, happy places and generates her desire to share this with others.  It enriches the feeling of being well and positively impacts on every other aspect of life.  Judy shares yoga’s benefits with young and old, a diverse range of people facing challenging circumstances in life from prisoners to school students.  Judy believes that anyone facing problems can gain from a yoga programme tailored to suit their particular needs. Being a supervisor with The Minded Institute allows Judy regular touch with lecturers and students who are passionate about yoga and making a difference in life, sharing their wealth of experience and compassion to support to others.