Judith Davis

For five years Judith has worked as a Yoga Therapist specialising in guiding people challenged by stress and stress related issues such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.

For 23 years Judith was the stressed, driven and focussed owner of a Winchester Lettings business. Life brought severe back pain caused by a degenerating spine and on the advice ofa back consultant she discovered yoga. It was the turning point in her life when she realised that Yoga, not only cures physical pain, but through harmony of the breath and body and a quietened mind we can experience deep and lasting healing. Her inspiration and teachers have been Steve Harrisson, founder of The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton and Heather Mason, Founder of The Minded Institute, London.

Having taught yoga in local businesses, Winchester Prison, 121 sessions, in groups and workshops specialising in insomnia, bad backs and stress, Judith is the Founder of Minded Yoga Winchester. Several times a year she runs the renowned 8 Week Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Course to Enhance Wellbeing and Reduce Stress. Since 2014 Judith has been passionate about her role as a Supervisor for students who are themselves training with The Minded Institute.