Jo Lockhart

Jo’s passion for yoga runs deep as a result of the transformation it brought to her own life when
she was struggling to cope with the demands of bringing up a child with profound special needs.
Simply put, yoga gave her the ability to cope. Since the day she first stepped on a yoga mat 14
years ago she has found the strength she needs to help her meet the demands she faces on a
daily basis. She has practiced and studied with dedication ever since, rising at 6 am 6 days a
week to practice, and studying all over the world with some very inspiring yoga teachers. She
credits her dedication to the astanga practice with helping her overcome depression and anxiety
but also with her rehabilitation after she was seriously injured in a car crash.

Receiving so much benefit from practising yoga herself, she became passionate, some might say
slightly obsessed, about sharing the practice with as many people as she could, which led to her
setting up a dedicated Yoga Studio and Teacher Training School, YogaJo’s, in Glasgow, Scotland.
She and her team of dedicated practitioners provide classes and workshops in yoga, mediation,
mindfulness, yoga therapy and wellbeing for the whole community, including those with special
needs. As well as being a Minded Institute Yoga Therapist, Jo is a highly qualified and experienced
Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher and Education Provider running a 200 hour yoga teacher training
programme every year and delivering CPD workshops for Yoga Teachers.

From a yoga therapy perspective she has worked with many different conditions; from adults and
children with cerebral palsy, autism and learning disability to people with chronic pain, PTSD,
cancer, mental health conditions, anxiety and depression as well as those with mobility issues or
who need rehabilitation after injury or surgery.