Elisabeth Reissner

Elisabeth brings many years of postgraduate teaching experience within the English university system to her role as supervisor on the 500h Professional Certificate of Yoga therapy. This experience, combined with the benefits to both physical and mental health she has received from her own 17-year yoga practice, underpins her particular interest in helping to address the current mental health crisis amongst university students. She offers workshops, courses and one-to-one yoga therapy tailored towards anxiety disorders, chronic stress and/or depression. All aim, through a combination of cognitive (meditation/mindfulness) and somatic (physical postures and breathing exercises), to reduce disconnection or imbalance between body and mind, and to impart techniques that increase psychological resilience and help to maintain life-long wellbeing.

Elisabeth is one of the founding members and practitioner at the Minded Clinic based at Arlington House, Camden – a refuge for people moving from homeless back to independent living. The clinic offers group classes as well as one-to-one yoga therapy sessions to residents and is committed to making therapeutic yoga, which combines yoga and mindfulness to address particular physical and mental health conditions, accessible to as broad a community as possible. The team working in the clinic are part of a growing number of healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring that evidence-based yoga therapy becomes available on prescription in the NHS.