Yoga Research Symposium

  • Date

    9th December 2017

  • Time:

    10:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Location:

    University of Westminster 115 New Cavendish Street London W1W 6UW United Kingdom

Event Details

Yoga Research Symposium hosted by the University of Westminster and the Minded Institute.

Yoga research in the UK and beyond is helping to promote the inclusion of yoga in health care and support enhanced awareness of how to use yoga practices with people who have various health conditions.  Join us on December 9th to hear leading yoga researchers speak about their exciting new findings, hear an overview of cutting edge research conducted in 2017, learn about how to read and conduct yoga research, and the pathways through, which yoga is entering the NHS.

Speakers include:

  1. Dr. Tina Cartwright (University of Westminster) presenting findings on the analysis of the Big UK Yoga Survey
  2. Patricia Gerbarg MD, one of the world’s most notable integrative psychiatrists who recently conducted a study with Dr. Streeter, funded by the USA Government on yoga’s potential to increase GABA- in a depressed population. (This information is not yet published and will be presented in the UK for the first time)
  3. Heather Mason (Founder of The Minded Institute) providing an overview research from 2017 and information on a yoga social prescribing pilot that she and others are working on with the West London CCG.
  4. Dr. Ned Hartfiel (University of Bangor) and his work using yoga for back pain management for NHS
  5. Dr. Laura Madeley sharing insight on how to read yoga research and conduct trials
  6. Dr. Karen Pilkington (University of Portsmouth) presenting on her Cochrane review of yoga for low back pain
  7. Emily Brett (Founder of Ourmala) discussing findings from a social prescribing trial for refugees
  8. Melissa Wickremasinghe MD (Imperial College London) presenting data from a lung fibrosis trial
  9. Kalwant Sahota (West London Clinical Commissioning Group) discussing social prescribing of yoga
  10. Holly Kahya (Counselling Psychologist) discussing findings on a yoga course for depression and anxiety

Additional leading lights will also join us to share their findings in a poster session.  This poster session is open to anyone who wishes to bring a poster either on a case study or a research trial.  All poster presenters must book the event to present their poster.  Please write to:, if you would like to present a poster

Location: University of Westminster

Time: 10am-5pm

Cost: £40  (All profits will be donated to the Yoga in Health Care Alliance-a social enterprise dedicated to bringing yoga into health in the UK and beyond)

Please note tickets are not refundable or transferable.

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