Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

  • Date

    6th July 2020

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    2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Trauma is much more common than we think, although only 8 percent of the population presents with PTSD research shows that almost everyone person has experienced a traumatic event. Given that traumatic memories are stored in the body, it is not uncommon that during yoga practice a traumatic memory or feeling may surface.

As part of best practice and duty of care, yoga professionals need to understand what trauma and specifically PTSD is and how to make classes sensitive for trauma survivors

In this 4 hour introductory workshop, Heather Mason, a leader in the field of yoga therapy for PTSD will cover:

  • What PTSD is
  • Why yoga is able to support those with PTSD
  • Best practice to forge safety in each and every class
  • Precautions for those with trauma
  • How to manage emotional overwhelm should it arise in class

Heather Mason was the first person in the UK to train with the Boston Trauma Centre in 2008. As she holds post graduate education in Neuroscience, Physiology, and Psychotherapy she has crafted a unique approach to working with trauma that melds the knowledge of these various fields.. In the past she has guest lectured on the Boston Trauma Yoga training on the neuroscience of PTSD, taught yoga at the traumatic stress unit at the Maudsley Hospital and has been seeing clients with complex PTSD for 12 years. For the last 7 years Heather has been offering a 5 day training in yoga therapy for PTSD at the Minded Institute.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

I’ve been following Heather’s teaching since 2018 where I enrolled for the Yoga Therapy for anxiety course, I decided to take the Trauma sensitive introduction day with Heather because I find Her knowledge and passion for yoga and science and the way She can present it, so incredible and in such humble way. I find the amount of informations given at the courses very usuful when it comes to researches, studies and facts, at the same time because I’m not very accademic I feel a bit overwhelmed with informations, where I seem to be more visual and learn faster in an interactive way, so I really enjoy when I can put into practice all the Informations and exercises that Heather provides. Never the less I love Heather ethics and approach in Her teaching, I find it very clear and insightful. Love and Light.

Sonia - Yoga Teacher

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

Firstly I would like to say thank you.
The course was really useful in consolidating things that i already knew and had a sense of and also more importantly in providing me with further insight and knowledge regarding best practice and the science behind it all. It will help with my understanding of the people I work with and how I work with them.
Being provided with the power point slides is great as it helped me double check things I might have missed and also to be able to check references to the research.
I enjoyed the sense of community created by Heather and the other participants – so important during these strange times.

Wellbeing Worker Oxfordshire Mind

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

The four hour training was fantastic. It was everything I expected it to be and more. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

Helen Mikuska - Yoga Instructor

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

I really enjoyed the course, Heather is both knowledgeable, kind and has a good manner of presenting.

Susannah Dean - Yoga Teacher

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

Heather delivered the course with clarity and efficiency making everyone feel welcome and included. I gained an in depth knowledge of the effects of trauma and ptsd.

Glenn Ross - Dynamic Yoga Teacher

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

I thought the course content was excellent and really informative. I believe in honest feedback so with respect, I found that there was a lot of information being delivered from the text on the slides, some of the subjects were new to me so I found it slightly challenging to keep up, however, with respect and as a suggestion maybe break up the words with more videos, discussions or other visuals. Personally I would prefer to elongate the course to make sure I took in all of the valuable information. That been said I loved it and it really sparked my interest to want to learn more.

Heather is amazing and I would love to learn more from her experience. I am definitely interested in the 5-day course.

Rob - Serving Military transitioning to Yoga teacher

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Skills

This course provided information that I will immediately incorporate into my work as a yoga therapist who works with inpatients in rehab at an addiction facility. In presenting the authoritative science and experience-based instruction, Heather Mason models a steady, calming, confident presence that, in my view, is optimal in addressing clients and patients with trauma.

Kelly Couturier - Yoga Therapist

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