Online Course: Rewiring the Anxious Brain Through Yoga

  • Date

    15th April 2020

  • Time:

    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Did you know that there is evidence that yoga can actually improve and change brain functioning?  With insights from neuroplasticity we now know that not only does anxiety present in a particular way in the brain, but that there are ways to help rewire the brain to support a state of greater relaxation not only in the movement, but in the long-term.

As anxiety and anxiety disorders are one of the biggest issues in society today with incidences growing to epidemic levels with the acute health crisis, people need skills to help downgrade panic more than ever. Heather Mason is a world leader yoga therapy for anxiety with postgraduate education in Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychotherapy, and Buddhist Studies.

In her own personal journey towards wellness she immersed herself in mindfulness and yoga for three years in silent retreat.  In this interactive online training, Heather Mason will share insights from her academic knowledge, personal and clinical experience — reviewing:

  • How anxiety presents in the brain
  • Research highlighting how yoga supports neuroplasticity relevant to reducing anxiety
  • Specific practices that are helpful, why they are helpful, and how to teach these practices to individuals and groups.

Where: Online via zoom (you will need to down the app) there is a free version.
Cost: £25 – Upon registration you will receive the Zoom link to join this training

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