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The impact of breath on the entire body and especially the cardiovascular and nervous, is profound.

In this 3-hour workshop for yoga and health professional, Heather Mason will profound a deep review of the respiratory system and how various breath modifications impact physiology and psychology. In the second half of the workshop, she will describe how to conduct a breath assessment and use this to determine what kind of breath practices to offer clients in need.

Following the explanation and demonstration Heather will use the “breakout room” feature to partner various participants in different online rooms, where they will practice online breath assessments and then feed back to the larger group to share insights and learning under Heather Mason’s guidance.

About Heather:

The founder of the Minded Institute and the Yoga in Health Care Alliance, Heather Mason is a leading light in yoga therapy. She holds a Masters of Science in Physiology with a focus on respiratory science and holds post graduate education in Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Buddhist Studies. Heather has been teaching professionals to apply therapeutic breath to health needs for 12 years and training others to use these techniques in health care setting for 9 years.

Please join us in the interactive workshop to learn how you can better help your students and clients.

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