Breath-Body-Mind™ Workshop

  • Date

    27th October 2019 - 28th October 2019

  • Time:

    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Location:

    Haptivate 220 Arlington Road Camden Town NW1 7HE United Kingdom

Event Details

Dr. Richard P. Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, pioneers of Integrative Mental Health, offer their groundbreaking Breath-Body-Mind™ workshop.

Discover a unique fusion of techniques drawn from qigong, yoga, Buddhist meditation, Orthodox Christian monks, martial arts, Open Focus Attention Training, and modern neuroscience, designed to activate communication pathways between the mind and the body, raise energy levels, regulate mood, enhance performance, reduce inflammation, dissolve pain, and enhance the sense of connection to oneself and others.

This Breath-Body-Mind™ workshop fulfils the prerequisite for Breath-Body-Mind™ Level-1 teacher training, to be given from the 30th October to 3rd November. The workshop is also a great refresher for those who already have the prerequisite qualifications.

What the training will cover:

Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg share a unique blend of mind-body practices—breathing, tapping, movement, and sound healing. Slide and videoclip presentations highlight their scientific research and humanitarian projects serving survivors of the 2004 Southeast Asian Tsunami, military combat veterans, 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Gulf Horizon oil spill, war and slavery in South Sudan, genocide in Uganda and Rwanda, Middle East refugees, and Rohingya child refugees in Bangladesh.

Dr. Brown guides participants through rounds of movement with VRBPs, including Coherent Breathing and Breath Moving. The gentle movements can be done standing or sitting and are suitable for adults and children. Awareness and mindfulness of breath and changes in mental and physical states are cultivated. Attendees enhance learning by participation in group processes.

Clinical issues, indications, contraindications, risks, benefits, and guidelines for augmenting psychotherapy with VRBPs will be included. Cases illustrate restoration of connectedness/bonding through VRBPs that shift the individual from defensive states of fear to states of safety and bonding.

Who is the training for?

This 2-day workshop is for anyone wishing to learn how to improve stress resilience, relieve physical or emotional symptoms of stress or trauma, or simply to improve health and well-being.

About the Teachers:

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, assistant clinical professor in psychiatry, New York Medical College, graduate Harvard Medical School and Boston Psychoanalytic Institute, practices Integrative Psychiatry and serves on the APA CAIM task force and the American Botanical Council board. She researches mind-body practices for stress, anxiety, PTSD, and mass disasters. She and Dr. Richard P. Brown teach Breath-Body-Mind™ and co-authored Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD, The Healing Power of the Breath, and with Dr. Phillip Muskin How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health, and Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice (American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2017).

Richard P. Brown, MD, associate clinical professor in psychiatry at Columbia University, graduate of Columbia University Medical College and Cornell University Psychiatry Residency and Psychobiology/Psychopharmacology fellowship, lectures internationally and co-authored over 100 scientific articles, chapters and award-winning books. His neurophysiological theory, exploring effects of yoga breathing in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress-related medical conditions, has been validated in clinical trials. A certified teacher of Aikido (4th Dan), yoga, Qigong, and meditation, he provides Breath-Body-Mind™ programs for healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, mass disaster survivors, first responders, veterans, school teachers, and patients with psychiatric and medical conditions.

Cost: £300

Early Bird rate of £250 until 30th June.

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