Specialises In
Connecting with that part of us that feels true and good and where our self healing abilities lie

College for Tourism
Post Graduate in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
Yin Yoga Qualification (Sarah Powers)
Qigong Certification
Minded Institute
TRE qualification

Mieke trained with the Minded Institute and graduated as a Yoga Therapist completing the Yoga Therapy Professional Training Programme in 2012. In addition to this she is a registered Yoga Teacher, Qigong Teacher and a qualified TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) practitioner. Mieke has trained with teachers like Max Strom, Rod Stryker, Sarah Powers (Yin Yoga) and Ana Forrest and she has been on a training in Poland with Wim Hof, AKA The Iceman.

Mieke has been teaching the 8 Week Yoga Therapy for the Mind Course to hundreds of people, many of them taking the course more than once. After having taught this course for a couple of years she felt inspired to write her own program, including some TRE and also cold training and breathing techniques to positively influence the immune system and hence the Vitality Program came about. This Program also is Yoga for the Mind inspired and includes some of the Mindfulness and Yoga Practice similar to that of the Yoga Therapy for the Mind Course.

Further to this Mieke can organise Corporate Workshops and events and sees private clients and has in the past organised and hosted Yoga retreats.