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Adele O’Neill

Adele O’Neill

Mental Health Issues, Low Back Pain

Adele believes that yoga offers a deep way to balance the self and she has a huge passion for yoga and helping people manage challenging mental health conditions. Having also suffered a back injury in 2015 she works extensively on disc herniation recovery and lower back pain.

She has been a yoga therapist supervisor since 2014 and has 20 years supervisory experience worked and trained in management at a large financial institution.

Adele also worked for a lifestyle management company, helping people organise their homes and personal lives freeing up time and headspace, a rewarding role requiring a great deal of trust and understanding. Through positivity, warmth and kindness she focuses on guiding people to see their true potential.

Adele brings lightness to her work with an emphasis on simple changes, moving one step at a time towards a more peaceful place to rest in.