Yoga Therapy For Stress, Anxiety & Depression: Course Structure & Price

We meet once a week for two hours over an 8-week period. During each session, we inform you of how the mind, body and brain work together from a scientific perspective and teach you how to use practices that will promote well-being in all these aspects of yourself. Sessions include a 1 hour 10 minutes yoga practice, breath work, additional mind-body activities and a group discussion.

During the first two weeks of the course, we focus on regulating breath as a mode to alter the functioning of your nervous system so that you can manage stress with greater ease.  From weeks 3 – 5 we concentrate on the relationship between body and mood and in weeks 6 – 8 we focus specifically on the mind.

To support your practice you are given a comprehensive manual and a CD set with eight tracks, which coincide with each week of the course.

No yoga experience is required.

Eight 2-hour yoga therapy sessions & supportive materials. 

Course price: £250